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Socialism is the Intention of Progressives – Not the Unintended Consequence

Socialism is the true intention of 2012 Progressives and President Obama. It takes at least two different parties to represent our country. I find it hard to believe how Democrats are permitting the extreme left to dominate and control the liberal side of action to the point of Socialism and Communism. I know the extreme left would say the same of the Tea Party, but as an Independent, the Tea Party does not have socialists and communists in their midst. That is not to say every thing the Tea Party proposes are good ideas, but how can we as a people say that it is OK for people within our Government to be stated socialists and communists. People prefer a center oriented country over a socialist or communist country. I do not agree with everything the Republicans propose, nor everything that the Democrats propose, but I can not accept the idea that the majority of our country, those Republicans and Democrats who are centrists, desire to live in a Socialist country! We Independents, Democratic centrists and Republican centrists need to come together, take back our Government with representatives who are interested in serving our country, rather that subvert our country into a destructive environment, leading to more polarization to the point of conflict.

It is truly remarkable that the Center of the Democrats have allowed their side of the aisle to become so progressive, which is the new way of describing socialism. It is the intended consequence. What happened to the people of our country who want government control, rather then individual freedoms. Why can’t they grasp that we as a country do not want unions in our government. We do not want so many people in government that civilians become the minority. Why have the pay levels of top paid government personnel increased so rapidly? For what reason other than more government influence into decisions of our society.  I don’t want our America to migrate to socialism and government control. The people in Government are supposed to do what we tell them! They work for us, not we for them!!

Government’s responsibility regarding Job Creation is not to hire public workers and unionize them or to protect Union pension plans with borrowed money; but to create a successful path for civilian businesses to develop products, produce products and hire people for manufacture. With the correct focus on creating a successful path for new technology and existing manufacturing, the middle class becomes more stable. Without a successful middle class, there is no economic freedom and capitalism crumbles. So why has the Obama Administration focused on everything except developing a successful Job Creation path? We are all acting like chickens, running back and forth, clucking here, clucking there, bewildered because we can not comprehend why the liberal Congress keeps passing bills that have nothing to do with job creation. They say Health care reduces costs, but it was passed with smoke and mirrors, and if it was so great, they would all be whooping it up in their reelection campaigns. Not a peep!

When we pull our head out of the trees and start looking at the forest, we see all these policy changes going around Congress, using legal maneuvers to achieve their hidden agenda. We need to grasp the real goal of this Democratic Congress. JOBS and the Economy have not been the objective. They made a decision to make social changes first, and to bypass Congress in every manner, so that the changes are being made by hired guns, who think like the Democratic Congress. But Congress can say, “it was not my fault”. Here are some examples:


1) The Cap and Trade is stuck and not going to pass, so the Executive branch directed the EPA to implement Cap and Trade by using Carbon taxes through the EPA. Cap and Trade is coming through the back door. Carol Browner, picked by the President to manage climate change and energy. Ms. Browner is looking at a Supreme Court ruling in 2007 requiring the EPA to determine whether carbon dioxide endangers public health or welfare. Do you think the answer will be yes or no? I am sure that “Yes” will be the answer, followed by new rulings on clean air issues and of course, more business taxes.

2) Card Check is stuck in Congress, so the President assigned SEIU’s labor boss, Andy Stern, to manage the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform. Card Check is coming through the back door! Imagine the most senior Union person, who expresses socialism as a solution, is assigned a position to discuss Union implementation into US businesses. 8% of business is unionized, down from a recent 30% in the 1970s. President Obama can not Get Card Check passed, which is to get unions into all businesses using the front door Congress, so he backdoors his policy by hiring Andy Stern, a professed Socialist, to get Unions into all businesses any way he can.

3) Unions can donate to politicians, but Congress passed a bill allowing businesses to donate to politicians. The Unions and liberals did not like this, sued, went to the Supreme Court and lost when the Supreme Court ruled in 2010 that businesses can also donate to politicians. Unions and the Democratic Congress of course despise this competition, since liberals loved the one sided financial advantage of Union donations to the Democrats. President Obama then ridiculed the Supreme Court members in his 2010 speech to the nation for allowing businesses to provide political donations. He completely agrees that unions can donate any level of money, but does not want businesses to make political donations. I personally feel the Supreme Court should ban all union, business and organizational donations; allowing only personal donations, limited to $5000 from any person. But the Democratic position is to let all people and all organizations donate to the liberal side of the house, while placing all possible obstacles in front of donations to the conservatives.

4) Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is managed by U.S. Treasury Timothy Geithner and Harvard profession Elizabeth Warren, the new Assistant to President Obama. The strong arm, anti-business policies of the Executive branch can not be easily passed through Congress, but yet again, President Obama gets around this by assigning Ms. Warren, a true ideologue, to implement her version of financial control over all the financial institutions. Agreed, CC companies have no ethics and stick it to the credit card holder, and yes banks will stick to the loan applicant where ever they can. These are changes that need to be made by a conservative, focused congress. But Ms. Warren has an agenda. When asked specific questions by Joe Scarborough of MSNBC and Jack Welch, guest on CNBC on 23 September, she offered a plethora of hand waving, grandiose language. But she is incapable of answering questions in short precise answers. She can not grasp why people can not understand her motives. Ms. Warren will implement what she feels are the right financial controls, bypassing Congress again, for the “benefit of the working class of the US people.

5) BP had the terrible oil spill, which hurt jobs in the South, so the Obama administration sued for a moratorium to prevent any deep water drilling. While the oil spill was indeed a catastrophe, BP did not intend for this. It will likely have occurred due to poor management of the oil rig. It should also be noted that out of all the drilling wells, an extremely small percentage of wells have had problems. I agree, that we want no oil spill problems. The courts did not agree with the Obama Administration’s ban on deep water drilling, refusing to implement the deep water ban; so the U.S. Interior Department was directed to block deep water drilling. Use borrowed money to fund the lost wages, control the businesses, make them dependent on the government.  

There are more changes being implemented as a myriad of new Czars have been assigned, few, if any, approved by Congress; all making their decisions for the betterment of their Socialist USA. Our present Government feels better suited at making decisions for us, making decisions for business, defining our social guidelines. They need not go through Congress. The new social order can be implemented around Congress by making policy changes; hidden agendas controlled by professors, union presidents and selected people who are part of the inner circle. Decisions are being implemented for the vast majority of the US population. Get around Congress by assigning policy makers. Say as little as possible, wave your hands over here, while changes are made over there.

Which form of government uses these techniques? Socialists are happy to discuss and dicuss and discuss, allowing us to try and get them to understand what they are doing is not desired. They don’t care, as they are making the changes around us, and our Congress in 2010 is doing nothing to prevent these changes; in fact our Democratic Congress has been embracing the “Change”.

Make your vote in November for the person whom you feel will best vote your ideals. Demand accountability from those new representatives! Demand the same from those who remain in Congress. We must reverse much of what has occurred, while we sat back and watched. Then we must prevent these changes from ever being made again. We see what the liberal Congress has done. Progressive Democrats and yes Progressive Republicans were also the culprits, and they need to be voted out of office.  I hope a new conservative Congress gets voted in and they pay attention to what we want done.

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Taxes or Arrogance of Power

It has been interesting to watch the DEMs and REPUBs response to the Tea Party. Most of the Tea Party are Constitutionalists to one degree or another. Most are conservative by nature, but not necessarily a firm Republican. Some are liberal, but not necessarily a firm Democrat. Sounds like an independent thinking people. Note, I did not say they are Independents, just independent thinking.

I strongly suggest the established Republican leadership pay attention. We are pissed about the spending. Paul Ryan hears what “We the People” are saying. He is a Fiscal Conservative. Jim Demint, keep doing what you are doing. Say what you mean. Mean what you say. Christine ODonnell, focus on JOBS, think before you speak, as they are waiting for a misstep. Don’t be rushed in your answers, as they will rush you by blitzing with questions, hoping for a mistake. Know your facts, know what your focus is and be prepared. Do not let anybody deflect your focus from JOBs creation, debt reduction, spending reduction, federal manpower reduction. Say what you mean. Mean what you say. Your opponent will put you down and say you have no experience. They will bring up your history and baggage. Be prepared to answer consistently. The Far left will slam you, as they are the worst kind of people. The news people will try to trip you up and make you look ignorant of the facts, and incapable of being a political person. Don;t try to be a political person. Be a person for the people, for the center, for JOBS, debt reducton, spending reduction, federal manpower reduction. Define your self and stay consistent!

It is appalling that the DEMs comprehend the tax cuts as a loss of income, which has to be made up! It is good they are thinking in the right direction. But how amazing to think the established political party actually thinks they deserve the right to budget and spend the money on their priorities. But it is our money! How and when did the political leadership come to the view, that they have a right to this money? They see a spending reduction as a loss of taxable income. Republicans, conservatives, are you hearing this? What gives government the right to think an ever increasing tax base is your right to spend? The Democrats today are saying the proposed tax cuts make a $700B debt to our budget, and are only temporary. What right do you have to claim “our money” is your money to expect and spend ?

Let’s not forget the Republican leadership has been spending and assigning earmarks (pork barrel spending) like drunken sailors too. That is what the DEMS and more recently REPUBs do not understand. They are in power and forgot who they represent. They think they control “We the People”. But only if we permit them to spend like drunken sailors, wasting money on low priority items, saving the world. Do you wish to be told what to do and how to think?

Carl Rove really put down the young lady, Christine ODonnell from DE on Wednesday, 14Sep10. She won the Republican right to challenge the Democrat in November 2010. Carl Rove, although you are conservative, and I am conservative, you have no right to put that lady down, which shows your true colors for power. I saw on CNN morning discussions, 14Sep10, where the typical liberal talking heads also put everybody down they do not like – that being conservatives. I want to respond in kind, but I will only say that your condemnations serve to show your bias and inability to appreciate the skills or potential of a person who is willing to step up to the plate. You, who managed to get a talking position on TV or radio, can only tear people down, or build false bridges for those you support.

The DEMs, Chris Coons, are(is) gleeful. They think they have a DE win in the pocket. People of Delaware, I hope you are listening to how the established politicians see you, the common person, of Delaware. You are a tool to their goal. Is their goal to make the best decisions for Delaware, or to be the decision makers in power? It’s time to get their attention and it is time to get a citizen political representative, who will listen to you, to vote for your state of DE, not for the party line, not for the REPUB party line or for the DEM party line. Vote for what is best for Delaware.

Likewise, the rest of us in each state, have to stop listening to the Far Right, stop listening to the Far Left, stop listening to the political leaders, who keep telling us how to think. Think for your self, for what is best for your family, your brother, your sister, what is best to take our country into the future. I know we need a balance of liberal and conservative in the political environment, but we need them to think independently, for us, by us, in support of us in each of our states.

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CHANGE is defined as to alter, modify, vary, transform, transformation, revolutionize, revolution, adjust, amend, amendment. You get the idea. Let’s review change for a moment. I think it is fair to say that change is an evolutionary result, since nothing stays the same. Mother Nature is change and can be beautiful, but can also be catastrophic. But Mother Nature is a phenomenon of time and energy, which induces slow change, such that daily activity seems constant. The human corollary is political change, but politics is frequently sudden and sometimes cataclysmic, such as war.

From a human perspective, sometimes sudden change is critically necessary, such as a person walking across an ice pond, and the ice gives away, thus sudden change is necessary to save your life. One might say that if the person were not walking on the ice, then the sudden change would not have been induced. True, but we as humans sometimes have to take chances to achieve advancement. There are infinite variations of change, some which end with terrible results and some which cause human improvement. In normal, daily life, sudden change is not compatible with our level of comfort. Although young children, teenagers and young adults crave energetic change, it can only be for short periods of time. If it is controlled change, such as a carnival ride, the change is thrilling. But even carnival rides can be dangerous, and when danger is observed in place of the pro-offered change, the person involved with the change, recognizes their life is in danger. The thrill ride change suddenly becomes a thrill ride danger, and our survival becomes questionable.

So in our daily life, we need consistency. We need to know that when we drive around the next corner, we can expect an acceptable situation; such that we have confidence of the future. Confidence in tomorrow enables us as a population to plan for our future. If we can plan for our future, knowing what to expect, we then evolve. Without this confidence in the future, when instability is apparent and when we do not know what to expect for the future, we hesitate. We pull back. We become hesitant, insecure, and doubtful; all which combine to cause our business creation and population buying to retract.

This is not a difficult thing to comprehend! This is high school comprehension. If you want our economy to grow, you have to put the right people in place, who have a balance of advancement and caution in their decision making. We do not want businesses to wreak havoc on our people for the business weakness called greed. Nor can we have government so invasive and controlling, that businesses do not have any interest to create and hire people.

So CHANGE is a tool that can be used with discretion and not in large amounts. Business owners know you can not introduce major change, constant change in a business, as it causes major productivity problems. Good business leaders have good skills in business management, social skills to listen, take suggestions, make decisions in a way that achieves the desired results. Politicians typically have good verbal skills and minimal business understanding. They can talk the talk, but…. Professors are intellectual, and tend to be above it all in their personal observations. Social skills, would seem to be an oversight by many professors, who tend to be very narrow minded in their thinking. Education without experience is like a genius who is too lazy to work.

Both the politicians and Professors would have you believe they are cognizant of how change effects our population. It is rare for politicians to have business experience. Those politicians who have good business experience, will typically provide more thoughtful economic solutions. But business experience by itself does not make a politician, who also needs a balance of social understanding. Social understanding does not mean it is an open ended ticket for free support. People who get free support all the time lose their interest in supporting themselves, thus they become a dead weight, rather than an inspired person wanting to lead their own life. Professors are even less inclined to understand realities of daily life. Both politicians and professors are needed in our progress, but if they are going to be elected as leaders, it takes more then talking and intellectual knowledge to run a city, to run a state, and to guide a nation. Change is necessary, but it must be well thought out and implemented in a gradual manner. In our last 200 years, who would our center Left and Center Right population point to as the best leaders of progress in business and social improvement?

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Where Do We Find Truth – Embrace It or Regain It

Truth – fact, reality, certainty, accuracy, precision, veracity, honesty, integrity, devotion, fidelity, candor, honor, reliability. Is that descriptive enough for you to comprehend the value of the word, “truth”? What does truth mean to you? Does truth mean what you think of the facts | or is truth based on actual facts, even if the facts disagree with you opinions or beliefs? Which side of the fence of truth are you on; fraud/untruth/corruption/infidelity | fact, reality, certainty, accuracy, precision, veracity, honesty, integrity, devotion, fidelity, candor, honor, reliability?

As I think more of truth, many people imply the word truth when they are discussing their point of view. We see this quite often in politics. Truth has to do with facts and situations that have occurred, thus truth is a view of an occurrence in the past. We desire those Truths that represent good things to take us into the future, while those Truths that are bad need to be learning moments of what not to do in the future. How many people take what they think is right, which is a belief or opinion, and try to saddle us with what they want you to believe, their “version of truth”. This is the tool that people, who desire power, use. People are persuaded by untruths, when the misleading statements appear to be in sync with how the person thinks. In the political world this is demagoguery. But a “Version of Truth” is — a lie! What’s worse, when you use a version of a truth to represent your opinions and beliefs, and use those misleading and half truth statements to convince the public, the willing lambs follow with enthusiasm without being concerned about whether the leader is truthful. It is only those that verify the facts who can access the real value of that supposed leader. A good leader will use those Truths that represent good things to take us into the future. I know that not all my positions are accepted by the man or woman beside me, as I may not agree with all of their positions. But I do know that we in the middle left and right are close enough that we do not have to be partisan and demand it “has to be my way”. In Truth, it has to be a mutual agreement for the best of us all – our way.

Liberal left does not mean you are untruthful, any more than being conservative means you are untruthful. Yet there is only one truth? Political left and right people sometimes spew half truths or parse out words from their competitor to prove their biased positions, yet the half truths and word parsing is an attempt to convey an idea based on false or misleading half truths, a lie. If a robber takes something and two different people see the robbery, they may see two different things, and both observations may be slightly different, yet both are truth, if both observations are based on fact. The sum of their observations is the truth, once they can reiterate the situation in a calm manor. However, if the observation is conveyed untruthfully, then it is untruth, a lie.

Humans lie frequently. Why? We want to avoid an uncomfortable situation, or we are tired, or we do not want to go to the family get together, or worse, a person is trying to avoid a serious crime. Most lies are so called white lies, or perhaps easier to swallow, little lies; but they are still lies. It is also completely different when a person tells a white lie(s) versus a person who lies to avoid a serious crime or serious family problem. Whether we like it or not, when you start to lie, you start to change your integrity, you lose your reliability; you lose a measure of your self worth. Lie is also a person’s skewed view of the world in which they live.

When have lies become detrimental to humanity? Is the reach for Power based on lies? Many wars in our past have been reaches for power, and/or acts of vengeance. Think about the great religious wars between 800 and 1400. How about WW1 and WW2? There were many lies which initiated these wars, but the reach for power was also a culprit. And the reach for power is the intent to dominate other people. Domination is frequently embedded with lies. Just because a person, or a group of people in power, paints the picture differently or says everything but the truth, it is still a lie. There is only one truth.

Humans tell the truth more often than lies. Truth surrounds facts, thus truth is not always belief. Many people have different religious beliefs or political beliefs, and in many cases the beliefs are reasonable from each persons view, but where there are facts, the truth of those beliefs can not conflict, or a lie is created. Hence, a conservative and liberal can see the world from two different positions, beliefs; yet the truths of their observations must coincide or one of the two people is lying. Truth is not a measure of ignorance of the facts, nor is it stubborn resistance to accept the facts. Ignorance does not imply stupidity, but does imply lack of awareness to the facts. Lack of awareness to facts permits bad decisions!

Many people today use ignorance of the facts or they allow stubbornness to resist facts, or worse yet, denial of facts; when they know the truth. That is a lie. Truth to an individual is their measure of integrity. Truth to a political position is based on facts, yet it is often discovered the political person will frequently deny the truth, skew the truth for the purpose of furthering their personal or public agenda. In either case, it is a view based on a lie, yet the political person will persist in the lie, for what he/she views is the greater good of the objective. It is a lie. Truth makes you a better person, although it can be painful. Truth is the result of integrity. Do you have integrity, or is it easy and of no consequence to lie? Have you ever thought about it? Seriously? Truth is a powerful measure of who you are and what you stand for. Truth is not affected by your gender as a man or woman, girl or boy. Truth is not defined by your political position as a liberal or conservative. Truth is not affected if you are living or dead. Truth is based on facts and a person’s integrity to provide facts based on true observation.

How important is telling the truth? What if we were a world of liars? Where would we be today? If there is no sense of reliability of another person, it is easy to see where a world of liars would never be able to advance to any degree of humanity. Thus, telling the truth is quite important if we wish our society and humanity to progress or evolve. Truth is equally important to the individual, as it is their self measure of human value. We have evolved to our level of humanity because on average we tell more truths than lies. That in itself is not necessarily something we as a human race or, we as America, should be proud of. Are we slightly better than the average person? Considerably better such as your local Church parson. Or Mother Teresa? Telling more lies than truths as a nation or a person would be a measure of how well the nation or person evolves.

Who in the recent 200 years were attempting to dominate their part of the world? Who today is using regional threats and attempting to dominate people, or peoples? In school, we call these people bullies. In nations, we call them dictators or dictatorships.

Where do you stand with truth? Are you a white liar when it is convenient? Do you simply say nothing rather than lie? Do you always tell the truth? It is not always easy, is it? But truth is far more beneficial than lying. Have you ever thought about how the habit of lying affects your decision making, effects your reliability and dependability by other people. Those people who lie with ease, who care only about themselves, selfishness; no integrity, they embrace the lie and have no regrets of lies. You will find people who feel that truth is compelling, are reliable, are trust worthy and are not selfish. Some people tell the truth for religious reasons, while others may be religious but they also have great levels of integrity.

Have you gone through life without ever considering the value of truth? Has truth been a visible measure of your integrity throughout your life? Is lying OK in your book? Truth and Positions on Life are both important, but not the same thing. Many people will try to merge the two concepts for their desire for power over you or a group of people. If truth has not been a significant value to you as yet, I hope you take a moment to understand how truth is your backbone – as it creates integrity and reliance and defines you as a person.

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Define Direction, Create Priorities, Develop National Confidence

USA needs a sound direction defined by the Executive branch, Senate and House of Representatives. Our Economy depends on this. Presently, we have a liberal Congress, who feels they have the reins and consent of the people of the United States. The “Change” implemented may be what the far Left want, but it has not created confidence in the business climate. The recent CHANGES are directly influencing the downward spiral of JOBS. Yes, I agree Bush decisions in supporting an unfunded war are also part of the problem; but you need to wake up and smell the stuff you are asking the center Left and center Right to smell.

The present Congress is doing things the Far Left want, but not what the center Left and Center Right want. CHANGE seems to be inducing recession. I know the liberals will argue the opposite, but facts are facts. Our economy is stagnant. It is JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!

Congress is focusing on the wrong priorities and waving their hands on “Jobs Saved” versus “Jobs Created”. Do you think that if you wave your hands fast enough, we will forget about few jobs created? Let’s see, Unions saved; Cocaine induced monkey studies; and we can’t forget the census workers hired that made your Jobs Created numbers look good for several months. Do you honestly feel short term gloss helps our long term infrastructure? And look at the jobs created! Excuse me, but do you think saving Unions is the same as creating jobs? The reason Unions have difficulty is they are too expensive and have a Union Management that is only concerned of their power and retirement.

You can divert the discussion by creating false #1 priorities with arguments such as the NY mosque issue, border issues, health care, etc. But JOBS are #1. You are failing on JOBS. Congress, the President and the Financial Chief, you are failing on JOBS. You spend your time accusing each other, painting the conservatives with a “NO” paint brush, but your “CHANGE” paint brush is just as broke. Jobs are the first priority, and not union jobs or census workers or federal employees. None of those types of jobs help our long term infrastructure or national confidence. Those types of jobs are for controlling society direction and the people of our country.

We need a 2nd priority of a sound Financial proposal that includes Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac getting shut down and no more friggin loans to these two organizations. And who were the idiots that recently passed the non-approved funds to these two clown organizations? False arguments, such as the border resolution, mosque, health care do not supersede JOBS.

Jobs, Budget cuts and Financial resolution is the three most important needs. We need a sound policy where businesses feel confident to hire and develop new technology. We need Direction agreeable to the middle Left and middle Right. We need priorities to focus our direction. If you choose to be blind to this precarious situation, you WILL see the voting results in 3 months!

We have seen the total lack of experience with the Democrats in Congress since 2006, as they only know how to spend without regard. President Obama and his finance team has magnified that failure 10 fold. If the Republicans can not define a 10 point plan of Priorities to solve our national concerns, then what good are they? Senator McConnell, I heard nothing from you on 22 August. Your refusal to specify a 10 point plan is telling me you are more concerned about regaining your personal position of power over the success of the USA. We can vote independent, if you can not lay out a 10 point plan for our American success, and stick to it.

The recession does not care whether you are a liberal or conservative. Recession does not care about color or race or your position on politics. Yet the House and Senate seems intent on driving us into bankruptcy and socialism. Many of the liberals and conservatives are very good at pointing fingers; but most are not capable of solving problems. A good business person, when confronted with a serious problem, will analyze the problem objectively, and come to a decision of how best to solve the problem, and then implement the necessary changes to solve the problem, while monitoring to verify the results. Government uses knee jerk reaction, political screaming, and incomprehensibly implements the wrong solution, and never follows up to see if the money spent was what they guaranteed. Our House and Senate is composed of men and women, who throw temper tantrums; who voice terrible accusations in order to demagogue an issue rather than propose a solution; and who are arrogant in their presumption of authority. In many cases immature people and idealists run our government, when it should be center right and center left adults who are capable of proposing real solutions and negotiating to a mutual agreement. Mutual Agreement, by definition, means you sometimes give something of equal value to accomplish the greater good. Sometimes, both parties agree completely! If you can not negotiate, get out. If you refuse to listen to the center Left and center Right majority population, then people please vote out those Representatives and Senators, who refuse to work as a team! Congressional members gives excuses why they can’t move forward, and the excuse is always pointing at another person or group. And we keep voting these incompetents back in! When will these people start pointing their finger at themselves? Their refusal to work to a common center position is the reason we are in the financial mess we have.

The Direction and Priorities needs to be based on the center majority priorities, not the far left or far right. USA needs an objective Economic Advisor, such as Dr. Jeffery Sacks. We need an objective, independent Securities Advisor. Who?

I stoop to symbolism? Liberals and Conservatives, it is the Economy, Stupid. Liberals, you can not keep spending money. You must cut the budget across the board to pay only expenses we have taxes available to pay. No borrowed money! Conservatives, you can not cut taxes or keep taxes low unless you budget real dollars to maintain the expenses. We all must cut an equal amount of real expenses. Yes it is painful, but you are part of the problem, until you become part of the solution! No, you can not pass budgets based on borrowed money or bypass the budget with your Emergency Spending BS ruling. You already know how to do this in your families. Your Spouse at home, can balance your home budget. You do not walk through a “stupid door” when you go to the House or Senate, do you? So many dollars in, an equal amount or less dollars out. A 5th grader can figure this out! Stimulate business, cut expenses, balance the budget and get our national debt paid off in 15 years. I can hear the woosies now, crying because they just can not do what it takes. That is what our country is best doing – The impossible! If you don’t try, you can never achieve. Are you who refuse to cut expenses willing to choke the country to death just to prove your positions are more righteous?

In both liberal and conservative cases, we have to reduce spending and stop whining about someone being left out. We civilians are doing it now. We all lose equally if you cut across the board. Equal pain for all. No, stop whining about your special protections! We all lose equally. Cut expenses by 25% across the board, decrease Federal civilian manpower back to 2006 levels, and no you can not move people around to make it look as if you cut manpower. Get some courage in your arrogant self. Do your damn jobs. Nobody in the business sector would hire your sorry group of congressional and senatorial people, as many of you are incompetent and embarrass yourselves. Some of you yell and have tantrums like children. Some of you throw out such bad insults (a Democratic Representative from Florida is one recent example), you should have been thrown out for total lack of professional integrity. Some of you are quite good. Some of your staff are extremely good. But you have to stop with the 2000 page bullshit. Did you go into Congress to work as a team, or was your ulterior motive all about power and subterfuge. Get real people writing law and not the damn legal beagles. It is simple. Choose to work as a team; set 10 primary objectives to achieve, which are priority to the majority center, not the Far Left and Far Right and Big Business. Achieve those objectives by getting the incompetent leaders out of power, get the extremists out of the loop; stop pointing fingers; stop being divisive and stop saying/repeating divisive things. Start doing what you said you would do when you were first given the position. Stop allowing yourselves to be told how to vote by leaders. You are supposed to vote for your state population, not some biased, arrogant leader, which claims to know what is best for you. Your state population already indicated to you what they want and what they expect from you. Get out if you can not support their stated objectives!

Ultimately, it comes down to the Center Left and Center Right coming to a mutual agreement as to what our United States stands for. The right must separate itself from people, organizations representing the far Right; such as the KKK, xenophobes, etc. The Right must not allow Big Business to have power over your decisions to guide our country. The Left must separate itself from socialists, communists, progressives and Unions representing the Far Left. Union lobbyists, MOVE On, Big Business lobbyists, Lawyer lobby groups, Socialists and Communists have too much influence over our Senate and Congress, as well as our society direction. We are supposed to be liberals and conservatives; not socialists, communists or progressives; which is a variation of a socialist. The Center Majority has far more influence with votes, so why are our House Representatives and Senators listening primarily to the Far Left and Far Right. Decisions are a mutual agreement. The average Jane and Joe want common sense solutions, no bickering and good leadership. We want this from our Liberal Left and our Conservative Right – all the time! We do not want pointing fingers!

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