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CHANGE is defined as to alter, modify, vary, transform, transformation, revolutionize, revolution, adjust, amend, amendment. You get the idea. Let’s review change for a moment. I think it is fair to say that change is an evolutionary result, since nothing … Continue reading

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Where Do We Find Truth – Embrace It or Regain It

Truth – fact, reality, certainty, accuracy, precision, veracity, honesty, integrity, devotion, fidelity, candor, honor, reliability. Is that descriptive enough for you to comprehend the value of the word, “truth”? What does truth mean to you? Does truth mean what you … Continue reading

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Define Direction, Create Priorities, Develop National Confidence

USA needs a sound direction defined by the Executive branch, Senate and House of Representatives. Our Economy depends on this. Presently, we have a liberal Congress, who feels they have the reins and consent of the people of the United … Continue reading

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