10 Points of National Priority and A Contract FOR America

Leadership Needed from our Majority Center in the House, Senate and Executive

We want our congressional leadership to provide center oriented solutions. We need citizen legislators with strong business backgrounds and superb ethics. We need legislators who can negotiate to a mutual agreement without shouting, without demagogue (a person who makes use of popular prejudices and false claims and promises in order to gain power) issues; and we need leaders who make thoughtful decisions for their states population and who accept responsibility for their decisions. We are sick of the finger pointing, elitists, demagogues and idealists from the Democratic far Left and Republican far right. We need center oriented legislators with good leadership. We want you to listen to the concerns of the majority center, and stop allowing your decisions to be based on the extreme left and right.

Democrat leaders, although you will likely disagree, we the Majority Center, We the People find that you have come up with:

a) no effective solutions to create real, non government jobs;

b) no solutions to passing a law on a permanent Balanced Budget;

c) no solution to solve the national debt;

d) no acceptable solution to solving Finance to include Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac;

e) no acceptable Health Care solution that reduces medical costs, reduces medical litigation costs and gets government and Insurance out of Medical decisions;

f) no acceptable solution to resolve lawyer (TORT REFORM) litigation limits.

Democrats, you owned Congress since 2006. You owned Congress and Executive since 2008 and your solutions were far left and driven through Congress in the worst ethical manner. Republicans, are you reading our lips? If you feel you can keep quiet to allow the Democrats to fail, then you are equally guilty of negligence. If you can not bring credibility and honor to Congress to resolve these major issues, we can certainly vote independent. We want to hear a leader come to the fore front and list their 10 points of national priority to be achieved in the next 2 years. We in the Center Majority of our population can also input and define the 10 Priorities to achieve and the specifics of each priority. It is called mutual agreement to achieve the best for our Nation. Let’s define our 10 Points of National PriorityA Contract FOR America. Below is a possible list of Priorities. Then we need to ensure Congress hears our voices. We all need to have a common voice and every time we see our Representatives and Senators, we wave our succinct list of 10 Priorities in their face and remind them we know how to vote. One common voice – based on mutual agreement – to specify what we want our HOUSE, SENATE and EXECUTIVE to accomplish. Each of us will have to give something to gain the whole – or we will split apart. The far Left and far Right can go pound sand! If we are wise, we would create 10 Priorities for our individual States, Counties, Cities and towns, as well.

10 Points of National Priority – A Contract FOR America

1) Balance the Budget:

Cut 20% across all federal budgets, no exceptions

All Federal civilian employees pay 10% into retirement and 6% into their insurance plans

All Senators and House Representatives pay standard costs for all benefits they get, nothing free

All Federal employees (this includes all elected members as well as appointed people) making over $115K take an immediate 20% pay cut

All Congress HOUSE and SENATE members take a “No Pay, No benefits except health insurance” until they have enacted two key mandates:

a) Balanced National Budget including every penny, no hidden expenses of any kind as of 1 April 2011

b) National Debt Payback Program defined to assure we pay National Debt to zero in 15 years, max 20 years

2) Take Federal Civilian manpower levels back to 2006 levels, no exceptions

3) Define Debt # as of 1 April 2011, 12 noon and Implement a National Sales tax of 7% to Pay off the debt as quickly as possible. Establish a 7% National Sales tax across the board on all sales, except food, for 10 – 15 years to pay only the national debt off, as defined on 1 April 2011. The National Sales Tax must have a limited life to pay off only that National debt and can not be used for any other reason. No presidential changes, no congressional changes and no amendments are permitted. Write it in words we all understand, and state all Exec, Legislative and Judicial amendments are barred. If debt paid sooner than 15 years, National Sales tax automatically cancels on 31 December in same year the debt is paid off. Any excess taxes collected goes only to National Emergency Savings. If not paid off in 15 years, National Sales Tax automatically extended one year at a time to achieve the debt specified as of 1 April 2011, 1:00:00PM. All future budgets as of 1 April 2011, 1:00:01PM must be balanced budget + 5% savings and Fed can not spend anymore money than taken in each year, except when a State of War has been declared and approved by Congress, Senate and Pres. Federal Government uses the +5% to create an Emergency Savings of $800B, which can not be used for any reason other than national catastrophe, which must have 2/3 vote in congress and Senate. 50% of the savings interest can be spent in the annual budget, while 50% of the interest savings is added to the Emergency Savings.

4) Modify Health Care Bill by streamlining to no more than 100 pages, and focus on what you agreed to focus on, which is Medical Cost Reduction and allowing medical decisions to be made by Doctors. Take medical decisions away from Government and Insurance companies; remove all government control in the Health Bill, remove all new federal hires defined in the Healthcare Bill, solve the Medical litigation in the Healthcare proposal to get costs down. Resolve illegal aliens getting free health care. If your citizens can not have free health care, then illegal aliens can not have free health care. Why would you give fewer rights to citizens of our America, than the rights offered by our liberal government to illegal aliens? Most importantly, all federal employees, Senators, Representatives, Judicial and their staff, all civilian government employees (with exception of active and retired military) must get the same health care assigned to the population – no exceptions. If health care is good enough for us common folk, you government employees and elected members in the Federal government will sure as hell use the same health care!

5) Modify Financial Bill by adding financial restrictions to Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac. The goals of these two Organizations have been modified over the last 10 years to advance mortgages to people who are financially unqualified to pay the loans back. Revert Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to the original guidelines where the person applying for a loan must provide 20% down for the loan, and specify what the actual debt to income (DTI) ratio that must be to get a mortgage or vehicle. Never again provide funding to non-qualified mortgage applicants. Force Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae to pay all borrowed funds back to the people, not by shuffling marbles, but real payback. If they can not do it, fire all management, no retirements, no benefits; and hire independent financial managers to run these organizations. Ban the adding of PORK, called Earmarks, to any law passed, and specify the budget assignments in any bill, can only be for the objectives meeting that particular Bill.

6) Resolve 14th Amendment to ban citizenship to babies born to illegal aliens, and do not provide citizenship to documented workers or their newborns and Green Card holders, unless they go through the normal citizenship process. The 14th Amendment was designed to ensure those people who had been slaves in our country during the latter period of 19th century to rightfully receive US citizenship they deserved. Over the years our government has morphed the 14th Amendment into allowing citizenship to the newborn babies of any woman who crosses our border, legally or illegally. The ulterior motive is getting their vote. Democrats and Republicans are guilty of this! Then with the baby as a citizen, Mom get’s citizenship, then Dad, and then the whole family is permitted in. Then we pay for their health and welfare! Oops, our federal government forces the states to pay for all that, but those in the federal government will look good and get all their votes, so they can stay in power. Wow, what ethics we see from our government! Amend the 14th Amendment so that the babies of non-citizens of the USA do not get citizenship until they go through the normal process, just like all other legal foreigners. People who attain citizenship are not permitted to bring additional family members into the USA, unless they go through the standard green card applications. Family members of new citizens can not receive retirement, medical benefits or free education (in those states that offer free education in that state) of any kind unless they are citizens. If new citizens wish to bring their family members into the USA using normal Green Card policies, the new citizen must pay all medical and retirement benefits of their family members with no government funds of any kind.

7) Federal Representatives, Senate and Presidential donations can only come from private donations of single, private individuals, no more than $1000 per person per year. No funds can come from any business, union, organization, group or international donations of any kind.

8] Border Resolution can be immediately resolved to stop the flow of illegal workers by focusing on the businesses that hire illegal workers. Fine all companies $10,000 per day for each alien with no legal entry paperwork, backdated to the 1st day the illegal started working for the employer. An illegal alien worker is one who does not have a legal USA entry documents to enter and work in the USA. Fire all ICE managers and Federal managers, who refuse to enforce illegal worker laws. If a foreign worker in the USA is found to have forged paperwork, the worker and family members are kicked out of the country within 3 working days. If a company is found to have more than 10 illegal workers with fake documents per year; then fine the company $75,000 per illegal employee per year with forged paperwork. No excuses permitted. Use Foreign Worker money (work permits and business fines) collected to build and maintain a border police, pay for illegal worker health insurance, etc. Improve your existing methods to bring foreign workers into the USA. Establish a work permit Violet Card, eye print and finger print, 1 year period, cost $500 per card, per person, no exceptions, adults age 16 or older only. No children permitted under age of 16. No USA driver’s license of any kind can be issued to any foreign worker; all medical is paid by the Card Holder or company hiring the employee. Foreign Worker must return to his/her country each year. All Work Permit foreigners must pay their own medical and expenses while in the USA.

9) Democrats, Republicans and Independent politicians must work together to solve problems. We in each state must vote the Extreme Left and Extreme Right out of office. Demagogues have no place in our House and Senate, vote them out as well. Vote the politicians out who allowed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to participate in the financial mess created. The US economy is hurting and these people, left and right, love to point fingers at each other, take vacations, make pay raises for themselves and defy what the population wants done. Most of them are arrogant, snide and the feel they are above and beyond touch of the common man and woman, the voters. They seem to be driven by the far right and far left agenda, rather than listen to the middle population, which accounts for the vast majority. The middle majority in the House and Senate need to reduce spending as discussed in #1, implement a national sales tax, reduce federal manpower, implement debt payoff and establish a balanced budget, as described in 2, 3, 4, and 5 above. Resolve the 14th Amendment and Federal Donations as described in 6 and 7. Solve the border issue. Recognize that laws are made by negotiation and giving some to get some. Stop being children! Listen to the We the Majority in the center left and center right. You say you believe in the Constitution and law, so get off your backsides and solve the problems. If you can not come to a mutual agreement in the center, get out of Congress and stop taking pay for a job poorly done.

10) Remove all Unions from Federal Government and implement an independent Arbitration to resolve management/personnel conflicts. Use independent arbitrators, who do not report to federal management, but to an independent Arbitration Organization, and who are focused only on arbitration of business and employee guidelines. Set up Arbitrator review boards who define Arbitration checks and balances, Arbitration obligations, and Arbitrator punishment for making judgments based on any outside pressure, such as but not limited to unions, management, political organizations, groups, politicians, personal pressure from individuals, etc. It would be wise to remove all unions from State, county, city and town operations, and use the same arbitration methods to resolve management and worker conflicts.

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