CHANGE is defined as to alter, modify, vary, transform, transformation, revolutionize, revolution, adjust, amend, amendment. You get the idea. Let’s review change for a moment. I think it is fair to say that change is an evolutionary result, since nothing stays the same. Mother Nature is change and can be beautiful, but can also be catastrophic. But Mother Nature is a phenomenon of time and energy, which induces slow change, such that daily activity seems constant. The human corollary is political change, but politics is frequently sudden and sometimes cataclysmic, such as war.

From a human perspective, sometimes sudden change is critically necessary, such as a person walking across an ice pond, and the ice gives away, thus sudden change is necessary to save your life. One might say that if the person were not walking on the ice, then the sudden change would not have been induced. True, but we as humans sometimes have to take chances to achieve advancement. There are infinite variations of change, some which end with terrible results and some which cause human improvement. In normal, daily life, sudden change is not compatible with our level of comfort. Although young children, teenagers and young adults crave energetic change, it can only be for short periods of time. If it is controlled change, such as a carnival ride, the change is thrilling. But even carnival rides can be dangerous, and when danger is observed in place of the pro-offered change, the person involved with the change, recognizes their life is in danger. The thrill ride change suddenly becomes a thrill ride danger, and our survival becomes questionable.

So in our daily life, we need consistency. We need to know that when we drive around the next corner, we can expect an acceptable situation; such that we have confidence of the future. Confidence in tomorrow enables us as a population to plan for our future. If we can plan for our future, knowing what to expect, we then evolve. Without this confidence in the future, when instability is apparent and when we do not know what to expect for the future, we hesitate. We pull back. We become hesitant, insecure, and doubtful; all which combine to cause our business creation and population buying to retract.

This is not a difficult thing to comprehend! This is high school comprehension. If you want our economy to grow, you have to put the right people in place, who have a balance of advancement and caution in their decision making. We do not want businesses to wreak havoc on our people for the business weakness called greed. Nor can we have government so invasive and controlling, that businesses do not have any interest to create and hire people.

So CHANGE is a tool that can be used with discretion and not in large amounts. Business owners know you can not introduce major change, constant change in a business, as it causes major productivity problems. Good business leaders have good skills in business management, social skills to listen, take suggestions, make decisions in a way that achieves the desired results. Politicians typically have good verbal skills and minimal business understanding. They can talk the talk, but…. Professors are intellectual, and tend to be above it all in their personal observations. Social skills, would seem to be an oversight by many professors, who tend to be very narrow minded in their thinking. Education without experience is like a genius who is too lazy to work.

Both the politicians and Professors would have you believe they are cognizant of how change effects our population. It is rare for politicians to have business experience. Those politicians who have good business experience, will typically provide more thoughtful economic solutions. But business experience by itself does not make a politician, who also needs a balance of social understanding. Social understanding does not mean it is an open ended ticket for free support. People who get free support all the time lose their interest in supporting themselves, thus they become a dead weight, rather than an inspired person wanting to lead their own life. Professors are even less inclined to understand realities of daily life. Both politicians and professors are needed in our progress, but if they are going to be elected as leaders, it takes more then talking and intellectual knowledge to run a city, to run a state, and to guide a nation. Change is necessary, but it must be well thought out and implemented in a gradual manner. In our last 200 years, who would our center Left and Center Right population point to as the best leaders of progress in business and social improvement?

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