Should US Billionaires Open A Small Business Bank

There are a group of billionaires who are giving half their fortunes to the humanities. Would it not be wiser to assign 50% of those funds to establish a Business Bank (B200 Bank) for companies of less than 200 employees, supporting those companies who can prove their products have value to our US needs. Assign the other 50% to humanities. This way you are accomplishing two positive efforts for the USA and the world. Both are extremely important objectives.

Rather than place all your wealth into humanities, place half in business loans and half in humanities. The B200 loans can be rigidly defined for successful loans to manufacturers of real products made in the USA only, but no porn, no sex, no perverted businesses. And of course, all the WannaBe people will start the charade that nobody can determine which business is right and which is wrong. Establish a group of objective financiers, who’s only focus is B200 businesses and get business going. Publish the loans so that the public knows who specifically received funds and specify their business objectives. Do not bother us to say you can not decide what is right and wrong. If you can’t understand the good businesses we need today, then you are not the person to be making those financial decisions. Businesses are the backbone of our USA.

There is much more detail that would be worked out, but I am sure Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and the new billionaires can locate the key managers and define business objectives to enhance the strength of the USA.

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