Building Bridges or Favoring Unions in September 2012

In a Labor Day, 2010 speech in Milwaukee, WI, Pres. Obama proposed $50 billion more in infrastructure spending to rebuild roads, railways and runways. The proposal seems good on first pass, but also proposed is a Government Bank to disburse the $50B funds. That is the first mistake, since government has never proven to be effective at management or disbursement of money. The Government banks will be 100% biased towards union labor, which is 30% more expensive than non-union labor. Thus, the proposal is effectively ($50 Billion – 30%) a $35 Billion value to the USA for a loss of $15 Billion right off the top. That means we get 30% less work, 30% less infrastructure. The proposal is really a wonderful bone to the Unions, and has nothing to do with creating long term jobs. The bridge building and highway building/repairs are a necessity, but it must be open to the best contractor, not just Union people. President Obama to date has been incapable of breaking away from his idealistic goals and far left support and focus on what is best for our country. Serving the left wing is not supporting the much larger, center majority.

Conversely, what do the Republicans offer to move the United States forward? It is the responsibility of the federal government to provide the economic guidelines that allow business to be creative and productive. While the Democrats have focused on everything but JOBS, the Republicans have not yet defined how they propose to bring the USA out of this 2008 to 2010 recession. It does not require that the Republicans pay everybody $500 or spend, spend, spend. It does require focused spending based on a limited budget. What budget do the Republicans specify? What guidelines do the Republicans propose to bring us out of this recession? I want the Republicans to be successful, but I do not see leadership coming from House Minority Leader Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. It is partisan for the DEMS to constantly refer to the Republican Congress as the Party of No! Those things that are ridiculous, we should say “Hell No”. But those liberal proposals that are good, we should say “Hell Yes”. Complaining about poor Democratic proposals without a Republican alternative is useless and nothing more than a tear down. It is not a solution! We need to hear what you Republicans propose as a path to progress. We can not just say what we have to cut back on! We also have to say what positive directions we need to take and how to achieve those objectives. We must do this without Earmarks, blatant left wing and right wing payoffs to unions, lawyers, big business organizations. It is time to focus in the needs of our country and stop paying attention to special interests. Paying off big business is just as bad as paying off unions and lawyers.

I keep asking why our President is being so divisive in his recent (September 4, 2010 and September 8, 2010) public statements. Why continue to keep poking “Republicans” in the eye. Why would you use the word republicans; which infers all conservatives? Why say things that divide our nation’s people? Why not come to a mutual position by sitting down with Republican and Democrat leaders to come to a mutual agreement for progress? I have come to the conclusion that it is senseless to ask why the animosity continues. Public pissing contests are done for a reason and Pres. Obama seems incapable of deviating from a Far Left Agenda. But I do know that public animosity between the President and conservative leadership is not moving the USA forward. While they fight for power, we go further in debt each day. Which leader will step forward and propose harmony to bring people together and propose how the USA will move forward to resolve our financial/job problems. Who will start focusing on the center majority needs of JOBS and DEBT REDUCTION, refuse to give any further advantages to Special Interests groups, reverse many of the Special Interest programs and start listening to the center majority of the USA.

We can not be a single party control. In the past, I had always been Republican, and continue to be conservative in thought. But I now realize that you need a balance of independents, middle left and middle right voters. We, the voters, need to understand that we should not claim democrat or republican, but we should claim independent, such that we can choose the very best of those who choose to serve in the government. I can not have everything I want. You can not have everything you want. But we can have most of what we want, if we agree to a common direction of policy and demand our Congress to work as a team.

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