Socialism is the Intention of Progressives – Not the Unintended Consequence

Socialism is the true intention of 2012 Progressives and President Obama. It takes at least two different parties to represent our country. I find it hard to believe how Democrats are permitting the extreme left to dominate and control the liberal side of action to the point of Socialism and Communism. I know the extreme left would say the same of the Tea Party, but as an Independent, the Tea Party does not have socialists and communists in their midst. That is not to say every thing the Tea Party proposes are good ideas, but how can we as a people say that it is OK for people within our Government to be stated socialists and communists. People prefer a center oriented country over a socialist or communist country. I do not agree with everything the Republicans propose, nor everything that the Democrats propose, but I can not accept the idea that the majority of our country, those Republicans and Democrats who are centrists, desire to live in a Socialist country! We Independents, Democratic centrists and Republican centrists need to come together, take back our Government with representatives who are interested in serving our country, rather that subvert our country into a destructive environment, leading to more polarization to the point of conflict.

It is truly remarkable that the Center of the Democrats have allowed their side of the aisle to become so progressive, which is the new way of describing socialism. It is the intended consequence. What happened to the people of our country who want government control, rather then individual freedoms. Why can’t they grasp that we as a country do not want unions in our government. We do not want so many people in government that civilians become the minority. Why have the pay levels of top paid government personnel increased so rapidly? For what reason other than more government influence into decisions of our society.  I don’t want our America to migrate to socialism and government control. The people in Government are supposed to do what we tell them! They work for us, not we for them!!

Government’s responsibility regarding Job Creation is not to hire public workers and unionize them or to protect Union pension plans with borrowed money; but to create a successful path for civilian businesses to develop products, produce products and hire people for manufacture. With the correct focus on creating a successful path for new technology and existing manufacturing, the middle class becomes more stable. Without a successful middle class, there is no economic freedom and capitalism crumbles. So why has the Obama Administration focused on everything except developing a successful Job Creation path? We are all acting like chickens, running back and forth, clucking here, clucking there, bewildered because we can not comprehend why the liberal Congress keeps passing bills that have nothing to do with job creation. They say Health care reduces costs, but it was passed with smoke and mirrors, and if it was so great, they would all be whooping it up in their reelection campaigns. Not a peep!

When we pull our head out of the trees and start looking at the forest, we see all these policy changes going around Congress, using legal maneuvers to achieve their hidden agenda. We need to grasp the real goal of this Democratic Congress. JOBS and the Economy have not been the objective. They made a decision to make social changes first, and to bypass Congress in every manner, so that the changes are being made by hired guns, who think like the Democratic Congress. But Congress can say, “it was not my fault”. Here are some examples:


1) The Cap and Trade is stuck and not going to pass, so the Executive branch directed the EPA to implement Cap and Trade by using Carbon taxes through the EPA. Cap and Trade is coming through the back door. Carol Browner, picked by the President to manage climate change and energy. Ms. Browner is looking at a Supreme Court ruling in 2007 requiring the EPA to determine whether carbon dioxide endangers public health or welfare. Do you think the answer will be yes or no? I am sure that “Yes” will be the answer, followed by new rulings on clean air issues and of course, more business taxes.

2) Card Check is stuck in Congress, so the President assigned SEIU’s labor boss, Andy Stern, to manage the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform. Card Check is coming through the back door! Imagine the most senior Union person, who expresses socialism as a solution, is assigned a position to discuss Union implementation into US businesses. 8% of business is unionized, down from a recent 30% in the 1970s. President Obama can not Get Card Check passed, which is to get unions into all businesses using the front door Congress, so he backdoors his policy by hiring Andy Stern, a professed Socialist, to get Unions into all businesses any way he can.

3) Unions can donate to politicians, but Congress passed a bill allowing businesses to donate to politicians. The Unions and liberals did not like this, sued, went to the Supreme Court and lost when the Supreme Court ruled in 2010 that businesses can also donate to politicians. Unions and the Democratic Congress of course despise this competition, since liberals loved the one sided financial advantage of Union donations to the Democrats. President Obama then ridiculed the Supreme Court members in his 2010 speech to the nation for allowing businesses to provide political donations. He completely agrees that unions can donate any level of money, but does not want businesses to make political donations. I personally feel the Supreme Court should ban all union, business and organizational donations; allowing only personal donations, limited to $5000 from any person. But the Democratic position is to let all people and all organizations donate to the liberal side of the house, while placing all possible obstacles in front of donations to the conservatives.

4) Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is managed by U.S. Treasury Timothy Geithner and Harvard profession Elizabeth Warren, the new Assistant to President Obama. The strong arm, anti-business policies of the Executive branch can not be easily passed through Congress, but yet again, President Obama gets around this by assigning Ms. Warren, a true ideologue, to implement her version of financial control over all the financial institutions. Agreed, CC companies have no ethics and stick it to the credit card holder, and yes banks will stick to the loan applicant where ever they can. These are changes that need to be made by a conservative, focused congress. But Ms. Warren has an agenda. When asked specific questions by Joe Scarborough of MSNBC and Jack Welch, guest on CNBC on 23 September, she offered a plethora of hand waving, grandiose language. But she is incapable of answering questions in short precise answers. She can not grasp why people can not understand her motives. Ms. Warren will implement what she feels are the right financial controls, bypassing Congress again, for the “benefit of the working class of the US people.

5) BP had the terrible oil spill, which hurt jobs in the South, so the Obama administration sued for a moratorium to prevent any deep water drilling. While the oil spill was indeed a catastrophe, BP did not intend for this. It will likely have occurred due to poor management of the oil rig. It should also be noted that out of all the drilling wells, an extremely small percentage of wells have had problems. I agree, that we want no oil spill problems. The courts did not agree with the Obama Administration’s ban on deep water drilling, refusing to implement the deep water ban; so the U.S. Interior Department was directed to block deep water drilling. Use borrowed money to fund the lost wages, control the businesses, make them dependent on the government.  

There are more changes being implemented as a myriad of new Czars have been assigned, few, if any, approved by Congress; all making their decisions for the betterment of their Socialist USA. Our present Government feels better suited at making decisions for us, making decisions for business, defining our social guidelines. They need not go through Congress. The new social order can be implemented around Congress by making policy changes; hidden agendas controlled by professors, union presidents and selected people who are part of the inner circle. Decisions are being implemented for the vast majority of the US population. Get around Congress by assigning policy makers. Say as little as possible, wave your hands over here, while changes are made over there.

Which form of government uses these techniques? Socialists are happy to discuss and dicuss and discuss, allowing us to try and get them to understand what they are doing is not desired. They don’t care, as they are making the changes around us, and our Congress in 2010 is doing nothing to prevent these changes; in fact our Democratic Congress has been embracing the “Change”.

Make your vote in November for the person whom you feel will best vote your ideals. Demand accountability from those new representatives! Demand the same from those who remain in Congress. We must reverse much of what has occurred, while we sat back and watched. Then we must prevent these changes from ever being made again. We see what the liberal Congress has done. Progressive Democrats and yes Progressive Republicans were also the culprits, and they need to be voted out of office.  I hope a new conservative Congress gets voted in and they pay attention to what we want done.

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