Taxes or Arrogance of Power

It has been interesting to watch the DEMs and REPUBs response to the Tea Party. Most of the Tea Party are Constitutionalists to one degree or another. Most are conservative by nature, but not necessarily a firm Republican. Some are liberal, but not necessarily a firm Democrat. Sounds like an independent thinking people. Note, I did not say they are Independents, just independent thinking.

I strongly suggest the established Republican leadership pay attention. We are pissed about the spending. Paul Ryan hears what “We the People” are saying. He is a Fiscal Conservative. Jim Demint, keep doing what you are doing. Say what you mean. Mean what you say. Christine ODonnell, focus on JOBS, think before you speak, as they are waiting for a misstep. Don’t be rushed in your answers, as they will rush you by blitzing with questions, hoping for a mistake. Know your facts, know what your focus is and be prepared. Do not let anybody deflect your focus from JOBs creation, debt reduction, spending reduction, federal manpower reduction. Say what you mean. Mean what you say. Your opponent will put you down and say you have no experience. They will bring up your history and baggage. Be prepared to answer consistently. The Far left will slam you, as they are the worst kind of people. The news people will try to trip you up and make you look ignorant of the facts, and incapable of being a political person. Don;t try to be a political person. Be a person for the people, for the center, for JOBS, debt reducton, spending reduction, federal manpower reduction. Define your self and stay consistent!

It is appalling that the DEMs comprehend the tax cuts as a loss of income, which has to be made up! It is good they are thinking in the right direction. But how amazing to think the established political party actually thinks they deserve the right to budget and spend the money on their priorities. But it is our money! How and when did the political leadership come to the view, that they have a right to this money? They see a spending reduction as a loss of taxable income. Republicans, conservatives, are you hearing this? What gives government the right to think an ever increasing tax base is your right to spend? The Democrats today are saying the proposed tax cuts make a $700B debt to our budget, and are only temporary. What right do you have to claim “our money” is your money to expect and spend ?

Let’s not forget the Republican leadership has been spending and assigning earmarks (pork barrel spending) like drunken sailors too. That is what the DEMS and more recently REPUBs do not understand. They are in power and forgot who they represent. They think they control “We the People”. But only if we permit them to spend like drunken sailors, wasting money on low priority items, saving the world. Do you wish to be told what to do and how to think?

Carl Rove really put down the young lady, Christine ODonnell from DE on Wednesday, 14Sep10. She won the Republican right to challenge the Democrat in November 2010. Carl Rove, although you are conservative, and I am conservative, you have no right to put that lady down, which shows your true colors for power. I saw on CNN morning discussions, 14Sep10, where the typical liberal talking heads also put everybody down they do not like – that being conservatives. I want to respond in kind, but I will only say that your condemnations serve to show your bias and inability to appreciate the skills or potential of a person who is willing to step up to the plate. You, who managed to get a talking position on TV or radio, can only tear people down, or build false bridges for those you support.

The DEMs, Chris Coons, are(is) gleeful. They think they have a DE win in the pocket. People of Delaware, I hope you are listening to how the established politicians see you, the common person, of Delaware. You are a tool to their goal. Is their goal to make the best decisions for Delaware, or to be the decision makers in power? It’s time to get their attention and it is time to get a citizen political representative, who will listen to you, to vote for your state of DE, not for the party line, not for the REPUB party line or for the DEM party line. Vote for what is best for Delaware.

Likewise, the rest of us in each state, have to stop listening to the Far Right, stop listening to the Far Left, stop listening to the political leaders, who keep telling us how to think. Think for your self, for what is best for your family, your brother, your sister, what is best to take our country into the future. I know we need a balance of liberal and conservative in the political environment, but we need them to think independently, for us, by us, in support of us in each of our states.

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