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Socialism is the Intention of Progressives – Not the Unintended Consequence

Socialism is the true intention of 2012 Progressives and President Obama. It takes at least two different parties to represent our country. I find it hard to believe how Democrats are permitting the extreme left to dominate and control the … Continue reading

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Taxes or Arrogance of Power

It has been interesting to watch the DEMs and REPUBs response to the Tea Party. Most of the Tea Party are Constitutionalists to one degree or another. Most are conservative by nature, but not necessarily a firm Republican. Some are … Continue reading

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CHANGE is defined as to alter, modify, vary, transform, transformation, revolutionize, revolution, adjust, amend, amendment. You get the idea. Let’s review change for a moment. I think it is fair to say that change is an evolutionary result, since nothing … Continue reading

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Where Do We Find Truth – Embrace It or Regain It

Truth – fact, reality, certainty, accuracy, precision, veracity, honesty, integrity, devotion, fidelity, candor, honor, reliability. Is that descriptive enough for you to comprehend the value of the word, “truth”? What does truth mean to you? Does truth mean what you … Continue reading

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